USC vs. USC? U Simply Can't find a football rivalry … so far

Who has the right to CU, FSU, UT, UM, OSU or MSU?

Eric Guimaraes

A: I believe the National Optometrist Association trademarked those letters for eye charts. Seriously, all this acronym confusion could give a guy acid reflux.

CU: Is it Colorado or Connecticut?

FSU: Florida State or Fresno?

UT: Tennessee or Tulsa?

UM: Michigan or Maryland?

OSU: Ohio State, or Oregon State, or Oklahoma State?

MSU: Michigan State or Mississippi State?

Not all schools can be as distinguishable as UTEP (Texas El Paso) and UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio).

I also don't know why so many teams are nicknamed Wildcats, Bulldogs and Tigers. I truly feared Clemson's Tigers joining the Southeastern Conference because it would have given the league four teams with the same nickname: LSU, Auburn, Missouri and Clemson.

Go Tigers! Really, how could you go wrong?

The SEC already has two "Bulldogs" in Georgia and Mississippi State.

Of the 120 teams playing major college football, you'd think people could come up with more than 10 or 11 nicknames.

Q: I'm not a Buckeyes fan, but Ohio State is 6-0 and leading the Big Ten Conference. How is it that the coaches' poll does not rank them?

James Rhodes

El Segundo

A: I get this question a lot and people end up slapping their heads and saying "Oh yeah."

Schools on NCAA probation and banned from bowl games are not allowed in the USA Today coaches' poll.

The Associated Press media poll allows schools on probation and that's why Ohio State is sitting this week at No. 8 in the AP.