17. Justin Bethel, Presbyterian, 5-11, 200. He was a very good player at the FCS level, but he has to prove he can play with the big boys. His 39½-inch vertical jump at the combine got teams' notice. Bethel will take time to develop but should be a good special teams player while he's learning to play NFL defense.

18. Kelcie McCray, Arkansas State, 6-2, 202. He has good size and can move at free safety. McCray doesn't always take the right angle, and he is not the most consistent tackler.

19. Jerron McMillian, Maine, 5-11, 203. He worked out impressively and moved up the draft boards as a result. He had a very productive 2011 season. McMillian has a feel for coverage. He is a developmental prospect.

20. Winston Guy, Kentucky, 6-1, 218. This is a box safety who is speed deficient. Guy is a hard hitter. He is around the ball a lot. He has played cornerback as well as a rover-type position.

21. Sean Cattouse, California, 6-2, 211. He has the size it takes to mix it up in the running game. Cattouse lacks speed but has some athleticism. He came on late in the year but never played up to his potential.

22. Phillip Thomas, Syracuse, 5-10, 198. He was a productive college player but is speed deficient and lacks ideal size. He has decent instincts and toughness. Thomas has some special teams potential.

The rest

23. Charles Mitchell, Mississippi State

24. D.J. Campbell, California

25. Trulon Henry, Illinois

26. Josh Bush, Wake Forest

27. Tramain Thomas, Arkansas

28. Quinton Richardson, Washington

29. Tony Dye, UCLA

30. Rodney McLeod, Virginia

31. Johnny Thomas, Oklahoma State

32. Matt Daniels, Duke

33. Jordan Morris-Bernstine, Iowa

34. Blake Gideon, Texas

35. Robert Golden, Arizona

36. Brian Peters, Northwestern


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