Dodgers try to get their Australian slang on [Video]

Is it really so hard? Australians are always adopting proper speaking inflections to play Americans in movies.


Think Hugh Jackman would have been as convincing a Wolverine if he had used his native Australian accent? Heath Ledger doing the Joker with an Aussie twang? Russell Crowe as Bud White in “L.A. Confidential?”

"Maybe that's why he's under a house in Elysian Park and he don't smell too good, mate."

Actors, of course, have dialect coaches, so you'll excuse the Dodgers' efforts to drop into an Australian accent prior to heading Down Under. Guess I should have italicized effort.

But this short video produced by the Dodgers is pretty amusing stuff -- A.J. Ellis unsure if his attempt was more “Boston or Australian?”

Holding boomerangs and cricket bats, a dozen Dodgers try Australian slang, though Carl Crawford said his own Southern slang simply prevented him from pulling it off.

Brian Wilson may have come closest to sounding like an Aussie, though he remained unsatisfied. Hyun-Jin Ryu trying to say "crikey" is worth the click all by itself, though Yasiel Puig going all "Star Wars" with his cricket bat and ending with, "Australia, I see you," ain't bad.