The steady Adrian Gonzalez checks off another career milestone

The steady Adrian Gonzalez checks off another career milestone
Adrian Gonzalez hits a two-run home run in the fifth inning of the Dodgers' 8-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves on May 26 at Dodger Stadium. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Steady as he goes, and goes and goes ...

Adrian Gonzalez is as reliable as a mother's love. Any more consistent and he'd be gravity.


"He kind of just keeps going," said Manager Don Mattingly.

He's been going for 10 seasons now, 10 remarkably similar seasons. Six times he's had a least 100 RBIs. Seven times he's hit at least 24 home runs. Through it all he's batted .293.

Now after Tuesday's two-run homer against the Atlanta Braves at Dodger Stadium, Gonzalez has breached the 1,000-RBI mark for his career.

"It's a great number," Gonzalez said. "For me career-wise I'd like to see 1,500, but 1,000 is a nice number. It means you've been in the league for a little while. You just have to thank God for that and the opportunity to stay healthy. It definitely means a lot."

Gonzalez, 33, is the 12th active player to reach 1,000 RBIs. It came on his 10th home run of the season and left his career RBI total at 1,001.

"He's just that guy for a manager who makes everything pretty easy," Mattingly said. "You know he's going to be ready to play. He's always prepared, he's really good for other guys as far as understanding what to do against certain pitchers.

"He's going to have a game plan every night for every guy. He never walks up there without one. He's fun to watch and one we really appreciate just the lack of having to do anything. Just put him in there and let him go."

And go and go ...

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