Dodgers need to conquer their 2015 road woes

Dodgers need to conquer their 2015 road woes
Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier reacts after striking out during a game against the Texas Rangers on June 15. (LM Otero / Associated Press)

How does that famous baseball song go again?

On the road again, just can't wait to lose on the road again


Ah, yes, here the Dodgers go, once more unto the breach, or at least into Wrigley. Not that it seems to matter much if it’s AT&T Park or Busch Stadium or Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, the road has become a foreboding place for this year’s Dodgers.

At home they are a robust 27-13. On the suddenly treacherous road they’re 12-18. Manager Don Mattingly has absolutely no insight to offer.

"I really don't," he said. "I don't think there's any logic to it.

"The last couple of years we've been really good on the road and this year we've seemed to struggle. I don't know if we were that great at home last year, and this year we've been pretty good. I don't really know if there is a rhyme or reason."

Last year the Dodgers had the best road record in baseball (49-32). The previous year they tied with Texas for best road record (45-36).

Now this year it's suddenly a chamber of horrors?

The Dodgers lead the National League West by 1½ games, yet have the worst road record in the division. Good thing they’ve been winning in Dodger Stadium.

"Home makes sense to me, because there's just more of a positive energy when you have your own crowd, you're sleeping at home," Mattingly said. "Everything is just more comfortable for you.

"But the road really doesn't make sense from the standpoint that's the only difference. You still have whoever is throwing that day. If they throw the ball well your chances should be just the same of winning on the road as they are at home."

Only chances are, the Dodgers are much more likely to lose that start in 2015. Not the way championship teams are typically built.