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Josh Beckett's no-hitter is the second that Drew Butera has caught

Josh Beckett's no-hitter is the second that Drew Butera has caught
Dodgers catcher Drew Butera also caught a no-hitter by the Twins' Francisco Liriano

Josh Beckett’s next turn in the rotation will be Friday, when the Dodgers face the Pittsburgh Pirates at Dodger Stadium.

The starter for the Pirates that day is scheduled to be Francisco Liriano, with whom Beckett shares a link.

Beckett and Liriano’s no-hitters were caught by Drew Butera.

Butera caught Liriano’s no-hitter for the Minnesota Twins in 2011. The experience of catching Liriano’s historic game didn’t make catching Beckett’s on Sunday any easier.

“I’m an emotional wreck,” Butera said. “I was an emotional wreck after the fourth inning. You think about it, but you try not to think about it.”

Unlike Butera, Beckett was unusually loose. Breaking baseball tradition, Beckett freely talked about the no-hitter in progress.

“Liriano, he was dead silent,” Butera said. “Obviously, there was a little bit of a language barrier there.”

Butera was overjoyed to be part of history again.

“You don’t see that every day,” he said. “Maybe once a lifetime, maybe. I’m just as excited for Josh as I was for Liriano. I’m happy for him, I’m happy we won the game, we won the series, we won the road trip. Hopefully, we can build some momentum and keep going.”

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