Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and School of You Gotta Be Kidding

Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and School of You Gotta Be Kidding
Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt donated $100 million to Georgetown University, the largest donation in the school's history. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

OK, stop laughing. No, really, you must stop laughing.

Frank McCourt, bless his generous little heart, is feeling magnanimous. He just gave $100 million to Georgetown University to found the McCourt School of Public Policy.

I absolutely demand you stop laughing.

Listen, $100 million is a lot of money. You could ask Jamie McCourt. Any school in the country would, apparently, sell its soul to get it.


This is very generous of McCourt. Heck, for that much money he could afford to get divorced two or three times.

Instead he gave the largest donation to Georgetown in its history. I don't care what kind of a write-off he gets, for that much money he could have purchased a lot of parking lots. He could have done a lot of things. Of course, since he came out of the Dodgers sale with a net of $1.3 billion, he still can.

Now you may wonder exactly what a school of public policy is. According to the Washington Post, the school will “focus on analysis of massive data files emerging from a plethora of government agencies and other sources in the 21st century, seeking to shed light on education, health, poverty and other subjects.”

Oh, boy, more analysis of government data! You know, you can never have too much examination of that expert government data. Pretty sure McCourt could have handed that much money to his alma mater for a school he had a little more familiarity. Such as:

The McCourt School of How to Go Belly Up and Become a Billionaire

This takes real talent, right? How many people have you ever even heard of that pulled off this trick? There's so much still to learn.

The McCourt School of Public Relations

Listen, he must have learned something after going through 357 vice presidents of communications while trying to run the Dodgers. They were all good people too. Has to be a wealth of knowledge here.

The McCourt School of Never Really Saying Goodbye (No Matter What)

Fans, players, media, ushers, Bud Selig, police, civic leaders, his ex-wife and his own front office all wanted McCourt gone. I think everyone did except for the Beverly Hills Montage cashier.

Think he is? Well, the good news is the man who said he would always live in Los Angeles now lives in New York.

Alas he still owns half the parking lots surrounding Dodger Stadium and the Los Angeles Marathon. HE MAY NEVER GO AWAY.

The McCourt School of V Energy

Special guest instructor, Vladimir Shpunt. Come on now, think positive.

The McCourt School of Perfect Timing

Remember, this is the man who announced his separation/divorce from Jamie on the eve of the 2009 National League Championship Series. Perhaps topped only by reportedly firing about 40 employees days before Christmas 2009. Hey, it was a rough year.