Tommy Lasorda revs up his bluster machine, year after year [Video]

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When I’ve mentioned to people I must have heard former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda tell the same story a hundred times, I get raised eyebrows, guffaws, looks of incredulity.

Maybe a couple times, maybe a handful. But triple digits?

People forget he’s been around longer than Union Station and is full of more bluster than a political convention, and as great a storyteller as he is, it’s not like he’s opposed to returning to successful material.

Year after year after year.

Now there is evidence, Major League Baseball putting together a smart video of Lasorda over the years, giving the same rah-rah speeches and same responses, season after season.

It’s actually great fun, plus you see Lasorda age before your eyes, and then get younger again. That’s a trick worth repeating.

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