Getting updated on everything Dodgers

Getting updated on everything Dodgers
Dodgers center fielder Yasiel Puig breaks his bat on a check-swing during a loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday. (Darren Hauck / Associated Press)

What's new, how is the world treating you?

Jeez, a guy goes away for a few days to see a cousin married beside a Sun Valley, Idaho, river -- the thunderstorm, hail and rain for two days prior almost magically stopped as the wedding began and the sun burst through -- and stranger things transpire with the Dodgers?

-- They get a new starting pitcher, Kevin Correia, who appears remarkably mediocre, and he goes out and holds the Braves to one run in six innings Monday to earn the victory. And is immediately sent to the bullpen.

-- The Dodgers were 2 1/2 games up when I left, go to Milwaukee and lose two of three, and currently lead the National League West by a season-high five games.

-- Hanley Ramirez finally goes on the disabled list but not because of a sore shoulder, calf or thumb, but a new injury on his side.

-- Manager Don Mattingly explains that left-handed Carl Crawford is starting in left over left-handed Andre Ethier because he runs faster. Usain Bolt is signed the next day.

-- Yasiel Puig breaks his bat on a check-swing. This actually happened.

-- Ethier picks up an RBI as he sleeps when the walk-off error he induced against the Angels Aug. 5 is changed to a walk-off fielder's choice.


-- That dastardly bubble machine lives on.

-- Josh Beckett is deemed out for the season, unless he’s not.

-- Ray Donovan is on the field with the Dodgers on Tuesday prior to their game in Atlanta, sees Chris Perez and his 0-3 record, 5.03 ERA and bum ankle, puts a hand on his shoulder and says: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

-- A.J. Ellis hits a home run. I said strange things happened.

-- In the five games I was in the Wood River Valley, Adrian Gonzalez hit .579 with two homers, three doubles and eight RBI. He should think about buying me a place there.

-- Clayton Kershaw won the Cy Young. No? Are you sure?