Ricky Horton

Ricky Horton, relief pitcher 1988 stats: 1-1, 5.00 ERA Horton was acquired from the Chicago White Sox on Aug. 30, 1988, for pitcher Shawn Hillegas. Where is he now? He currently provides color commentary for the St. Louis Cardinals on Fox Sports Midwest and is the director of the St. Louis fellowship of Christian Athletes. What is your most memorable moment from that season? "Pitching in a playoff game in New York." What went through your mind when Kirk Gibson hit that Game 1 homer? "My initial thought was 'Is Tommy out of his mind?' Then 'I hope Jesse Orosco does not drop me!' He was carrying me around the bullpen after home run!" Do you ever wear your World Series ring? "I always wear it when I see Tommy Lasorda."
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