Tim Leary

Tim Leary, starting pitcher 1988 stats: 17-11, 2.91 ERA Where is he now? Leary coaches privately on the West side of L.A., coaching kids from the age of eight to people in their 20s. What is your most memorable moment from that season. "For me personally, it was when I got called into pinch hit in the 11th inning of a game in August against the Giants and I got a hit. It was a tie game. Mike Davis was on the bench on the top step aruging a call with Paul Runge and Paul Runge threw him out of the game. They walked the No. 8 batter to get to me with the bases loaded and two out. I got the count to 3-2 and hit the ball up the middle. It was a special game againt the Giants. The last night, I had pitched and won." What went through your mind when Kirk Gibson hit that Game 1 homer? "I was the first relief pitcher in that game. I was in the clubhouse in shorts and shower shoes. When I the count got to 3-2, the scouting report was, ‘Look for the backdoor slider.’ We knew it was coming. When he hit it, I jumped up, put on my uniform pants and shirt and ran out to the field. For an hour, no one could sit down. It was the most incredible excitement ever. We had Hershiser pitching the next day. We tore their hearts. It was like we won the World Series right there. It was more exciting, actually, than winning Game 5." Do you ever wear your World Series ring? "I didn't wear it for years. I wanted to keep it special. I feel like a superhero when I wear that thing, especially now, 20 years later."
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