NCAA semifinals: Defeated Kansas, 68-60, at Houston. Leading scorers: Wicks 21, Bibby 18, Rowe 16.

Second round: Defeated Long Beach State, 57-55, at Salt Lake City. Leading scorers: Wicks 18, Rowe 12, Bibby 11.

First round: Defeated Brigham Young, 91-73, at Salt Lake City. Leading scorers: Bibby 15, Wicks 14, Rowe 13, Patterson 13, Schofield 12.


1971-72 (30-0)

Championship game: UCLA 81, Florida State 76, at L.A, Sports Arena

The team: Tommy Curtis, Greg Lee, Larry Hollyfield, Jon Chapman, Keith Wilkes, Bill Walton, Swen Nater, Vince Carson, Larry Farmer, Gary Franklin, Andy Hill, Henry Bibby.

The season: How deep was UCLA? Swen Nater was drafted in the first round of the NBA draft and never started a collegiate game. Four starters (Henry Bibby, Larry Farmer, Keith Wilkes and Greg Lee) joined center Bill Walton to dominate the opposition as UCLA outscored opponents by 30.3 points a game, setting an NCAA record that still stands. The Walton Gang started the season by scoring more than 100 points in seven games.

Championship game leading scorers: Walton 24, Wilkes 23, Bibby 18, Curtis 8.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated Louisville, 96-77, at Sports Arena. Leading scorers: Walton 33, Farmer 15, Wilkes 12, Lee 10.

Second round: Defeated Long Beach State, 73-57, at Provo, Utah. Leading scorers: Bibby 23, Walton 19, Wilkes 14, Lee 6.

First round: Defeated Weber State, 90-58, at Provo, Utah. Leading scorers: Bibby 16, Farmer 15, Nater 12, Wilkes 10.


1972-73 (30-0)

Championship game: UCLA 87, Memphis State. 66, at St. Louis"

The team: Larry Farmer, Keith Wilkes, Dave Meyers, Bill Walton, Ralph Drollinger, Swen Nater, Vince Carson, Pete Trgovich. Larry Hollyfield, Greg Lee, Bob Webb, Tommy Curtis, Gary Franklin, Casey Corliss.

The season: The NCAA-tying 60th consecutive win came against Loyola (Chicago) and two days later UCLA beat Notre Dame for the record. The NCAA final win over Memphis St. made it 75 in a row. Bill Walton was unstoppable in that game making 21 of 22 shots and scoring 44 points as the Bruins finished unbeaten for the second consecutive season. There were few close calls during the regular season as UCLA won 23 of the 26 by 10 or more.

Championship game leading scorers: Walton 44, Wilkes 16, Hollyfield 8, Lee 5.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated Indiana, 70-59, at St. Louis. Leading scorers: Curtis 22, Walton 14, Wilkes 13, Hollyfield 10.

Second round: Defeated Univ. of San Francisco, 54-39, at Pauley Pavilion. Leading scorers: Farmer 13, Wilkes 12, Curtis 12. Walton 9.