Big changes coming in Southern Section if proposal passes on playoff groupings

Eric Sondheimer
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Wednesday is shaping up as a big day in Southern Section sports history.

Representatives from the more than 580 schools that make up the Southern Section are scheduled to vote on a proposal that would drastically change the way playoff divisions are formed for most sports.

Instead of placing teams in playoffs based on what league they play in, they would be placed in divisions individually in a competitive equity model based on power rankings using a formula relying on the last two years of performance.

Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod said it could be "the most sigfinicant change" in Southern Section history.

It would be a surprise if the proposal is voted down. Wigod has been attending meetings around the Southland answering questions and providing information about the proposal. Athletic directors from the Marmonte and Pacific leagues say their leagues will support it. The Mission League made up of private schools also announced its support.

If the proposal passes, then it will be up to each sport's advisory committee whether to support the creation of an Open Division. In football, it's expected the Pac-5, currently the strongest division, will become known as Division 1. But football could create an Open Division, leading to 14 divisions for championships.

Some coaches still want to fight the battle of private vs. public schools, but there's no way the section is going to separate into private and public school divisions. The Open Division has brought less complaints in basketball, because it brings together the top teams in a terrific tournament.

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