Boys' basketball: Former Cantwell-Sacred Heart guard Joey Covarrubias is on the mend

Eric Sondheimer
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Former Cantwell-Sacred Heart guard Joey Covarrubias reported good news on Monday after battling Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of pediatric bone cancer.

Covarrubias, who graduated last year, said in a tweet, "Met with my doctor today. Got great news. After 11 long crazy hard months of treatment I am now in remission. The hard fight now pays off."

Covarrubias received strong support from the Southern California basketball community, which helped contributed thousands of dollars to support medical costs.

Covarrubias tweeted, "I will be back on the court soon. I promise."

"It's fantastic," Cantwell-Sacred Heart Coach George Zedan said.

Later, in a phone conversation, Covarrubias said, "I'm pretty much done with all the treatments and now I get scanned every now and then."

Covarrubias said he plans to enroll next fall at Cal State Monterey Bay, where he has a basketball scholarship.

He said he's grateful for the support he received from family, friends and strangers.

"It helped me keep my mind straight and keep focusing on the goal," he said.




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