Boys' basketball: Scorekeeper error costs Georgia team

Eric Sondheimer
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Former Campbell Hall basketball Coach Terry Kelly is the head coach at Holy Innocents in Atlanta, and this past week, his team was eliminated from the Georgia state playoffs after an apparent scorekeeper's error.

Holy Innocents lost in overtime, 57-52, but it was a point credited during regulation to Swainsboro (see video above) that proved most costly.

Holy Innocents challenged the error during the game but nothing was done. The home book is the official book.

"Once the pencil hits paper, it's gospel," Kelly said.

Holy Innocents appealed the decision after the game but was turned down.

"The video doesn't lie," Kelly said of a video that shows an extra point credited to Swainsboro during a rebound.

See what happens when you move to Georgia, Coach Kelly.



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