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Cantwell-Sacred Heart to hold Hall of Fame induction dinner

Cantwell-Sacred Heart is holding its second annual Hall of Fame induction dinner on Saturday night at Steven's Steakhouse in the City of Commerce. It's sold out.

Here's the names to be inducted: Salvador Reza (1950); William Rohrbacher (1950); Carlos Martinez (1952); Lonnie Davis (1956); Ralph Rodriguez (1952); John Muro (1958); Frank Patitucci (1960); David J. Escarcega (1963); Thomas Vasquez (1963); James S. Filipan (1963); Dennis Provenzano (1963); Frank J. Arciero (1965); James J. Ventriglia (1968); James Senteno (1968).

David R. Paulin (1969); David O.  Johnson (1970); Robert A.  Cota (1971); William P.  O'Brien (1972); David G. Castro (1973);  Frank A. Garcia (1973); Michael S. Taylor (1973;) John T. Larson (1974);  Mark D. Berru (1974); Lewis A. Staub (1979);  Gary Obata (1979); Ray Walker (1987); Carlos Zarate (1991); Mark Figueroa (1994); Michael Cirullo (1996).




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