Football: Get ready for offers to roll in for QB Brevin White

Eric Sondheimer
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Quarterback Brevin White just finished his freshman year at Mission Hills Alemany. Why would college recruiters start offering him a football scholarship when he's not scheduled to graduate until 2018?

Well, go take a look at him throwing a football. Watch the power and precision as the ball comes out of his hand. It's impressive. You don't need to be a college recruiter to see the potential of his throwing ability.

Add the fact he was thrust into starting on varsity late last season and that he handled it well makes it clear he has a bright future.

His brother, Brady, was a standout at Hart who's now at Arizona State. And this past weekend, Arizona State became the first school to offer Brevin a scholarship.

There will be a lot more. White shouldn't be in any hurry to make a college decision. He needs to enjoy the recognition that each offer presents. It means respect for his hard work and ability to improve, because in the end, improvement is the key to reaching the highest level.

Improvement means you're fulfilling your potential, and that's how he'll be ultimately judged.



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