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Insurance offered to assure prep athletes don't lose scholarship after injury

Eric Sondheimer
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Parents of high school athletes who worry that an injury could wipe out a confirmed college scholarship offer will have a new option to consider.

EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants announced on Tuesday that it will begin selling an insurance policy for high school athletes in California who have received a verbal NCAA scholarship offer and want to make certain the agreement is fulfilled in case of injury before signing a formal letter of intent.

The policy provides funds for tuition reimbursement if the athlete is injured before signing day and the college backs off its offer, according to Chris Price, program director for Education Protector. AIG will be the insurance underwriter.

The policy will be available for high school athletes entering their junior season who have received a verbal offer. The cost will be $749 for one year and $1,400 for a 24-month policy, according to Price.

“No one else does it,” Price said. “It’s a first of a kind market place.”

Price said his company, based in San Francisco, has spent two years researching the idea. While many college programs that make a scholarship offer to an athlete usually stand by the offer despite an injury, others have not. Price said an insurance policy can provide peace of mind and protection to parents that a college scholarship offer won’t be lost in case of injury.

Here's the link for those interested in the policy.




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