The Wells family is responding to a reported text message that Bisard sent out to some of his colleagues, telling them he was disappointed in their lack of support and maintaining his innocence.

Officer Bisard is accused of hitting three motorcyclists with his patrol car, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other two back in August.

In response to the release of those text messages, the family of Eric Wells, the man who was killed in that crash, has questions for Officer Bisard.

"In response to David Bisard's text messages to his fellow K-9 officers, my husband and I would like to ask David Bisard to answer these questions:

1. Did you not on August 6, 2010 kill my son Eric Wells?
2. Did you not critically injure Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills?
3. Did you not mentally change George Burt's life forever while he watched you run over three of his friends?
4. Were you not drunk enough?
5. Did this tragedy never happen?
6. Did your fellow officer's not take you to the wrong place to have your blood tested?
7. Did you not dishonor your entire department and the City of Indianapolis by your actions?
8. Just what is it you are innocent of?"

Mary and Aaron Wells, parents of Eric Wells