To put it bluntly, only New Jersey is keeping them from the cellar.

Compared to the Nets, the Pacers' 18-35 record seems like a marked improvement, but for a team that had playoff aspirations at the beginning of the season, its a tremendous disappointment.

With that being said, the trade deadline figured to be a time in which the Pacers would make a move to try and either shed a veteran for a younger player, or more importantly shed salary for moves in the future.

Much of that talk surrounded Troy Murphy-picked up in a trade back in 2007-whose 11 million dollars a year makes him the highest paid Pacer on the roster. Despite a recent surge, T.J. Ford also figured to be on the short list since his playing time this season makes him likely not long for Indianapolis.

But as they had done for the previous two seasons, the Pacers decided to sit tight, letting the trade deadline come and go without any significant roster moves.

"We have a very specific plan that we're working that's still two years out," said head coach Jim O'Brien on why the Pacers decided not to pull the trigger on any potential moves.

To hear more of Wes Woodward's interview with O'Brien on the trade deadline, click on the video above.