What is today, Monday? I ask because we just got back from the Big 12 Tournament AND the MVC Women's Championship in St. Louis so the days kind of mashed together.

Missed out on the Tampa Bay Championship on the PGA Tour but Kevin Streelman stepped across the finish line for his first time on Tour. Had to battle Boo Weekley (wait, what?!) who shot 63 in the final round to finish in second. 

Streelman is a journeyman like many of the others on Tour. Worked his way through the many mini tours before making it to the Show in 2008 after getting through Qualifying School aka Q-School. Professional golf is not the dream that many of the elite players see on Tour. Don't mistake me, as a PGA Tour member life is pretty sweet, from what I can tell. Even the Nationwide guys get a solid stipend from their sponsors to get through. But that doesn't mean it's not hard. The Tiger's, Phil's, Rory's and Luke Donald's of the world are few and far between. Guys like Kevin Streelman are more common than anything, so when they win on Tour, it's especially cool.

The win vaults him sixth place on the Fedex Cup standings, trailing some of those big names I dropped earlier. If he can keep something going this season, stay up in the standings, he will be set up for a solid season and postseason. He is pretty good at that, winning the Kodak Challenge (his only other big win on Tour) last year.

Kansas native Gary Woodland missed the cut in Tampa with 71-74. Woodland carded his only PGA Tour win in Tampa back in 2011 when it was called the Transitions Championship.


The weather last week was like a date gone bad in Wichita, and for us in Kansas City. On Friday it was nearing hot temperatures, over 80 degrees and a touch breezy it was great golf weather if you could get it.

This early season time is when your golf bag is the heaviest: jacket, rain jacket, cold hat, rain pants. It kind of drags you down. But you need it this time of the year. Let's run down a quick list of must haves to get you ready for 2013.

New grips: Chances are your clubs have been sitting in the basement of the garage and are cold and kind of dusty. Break them out and dust them off and take them in for some new grips. Either do them yourself or have someone but you need new grips. You probably don't think too much about it but they are integral to your golf game. Crummy grips + tight hands = tension filled crummy swing.

New towel: Unless you have one on your golf bag that holds major meaning to you, like my buddy Rob does, your towel hasn't seen a washer all year and has enough grass on it to resod a green. SO - go buy a new one. New towels are cool now, so go support the economy and buy a new towel.

New golf balls: Golf balls actually go stale, believe it or not. A brand new ball from two years ago will not have the same pop in it as one made and purchased in 2013. Don't believe me? Go test it out. Go find an old ball and a new one, tee them up and see which one goes further. And go get yourself fitted for a ball. ProV1's have too much spin for the average player but they are the best, which is why they are expensive. Find the right ball for you, there is one for you.

New Lessons: GO. GET. A. LESSON. No other explanation needed. You know you need one.