As things were breaking all around Kasey Kahne at the track the past few weeks, I don't think any of us knew just how bad things were at Richard Petty Motorsports. And truth be known, most of us still don't. But there are all kinds of rumors floating around right now, and none of them are good.

So now Kahne has been released and he starts his brief career at Red Bull racing 5 races early. Good for Kahne and good for Red Bull as he will be a big improvement over Brian Vickers fill in Reed Sorenson.

But the real loser in all this is the King. Sure RPM is not technically his race team, his team closed up shop two years ago, but it is his connection to the sport that he helped put on the map. And it's sad that the sport has not taken care of him or the Wood Brothers or Morgan McClure or Yates (the list goes on and on) or any of the other teams that this sport was built on.

Lets compare it to another sport, take football. The Green Bay Packers are not exactly in a media market made for NFL success. But they are NFL history, maybe one of the greatest traditional franchises in the sport. And the NFL has done it best to help create a culture to support them and help them grow. What would the NFL be with out the Packers? What would NASCAR be with out the Petty name.

I admit, I am a fairly new fan of the sport. And I also admit some of the history of the sport is not something to be proud of. But sometimes it feels like NASCAR want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It always seems to be in such a hurry to get away from its past, it into the fantasy of perfect future, that it just leaves every thing behind. Even the good stuff.

It's time now for the sport to take a deep breath. NASCAR is at a cross roads. It maybe too late for Petty and the Wood Brothers. But before the sports is reduced to Roush, Hendrick and Gibbs it time to take a good hard look at where the sport is going.