Jodie Meeks is more than halfway to $200,000 in salary incentives

Injuries have opened up an opportunity for Lakers guard Jodie Meeks, who has started 30 of 37 games this season.

Meeks is now more than halfway to hitting an incentive in his contract that would reward him with an additional $200,000.

According to his agreement with the Lakers, Meeks has a base compensation of $1.45 million for the 2013-14 season.

If he averages at least 20 minutes through a minimum of 70 games, Meeks will earn an additional $100,000.

Meeks hit a similar incentive last season, averaging 21.3 minutes a game to bump his $1.4-million salary to $1.5 million.

Should Meeks stay at 25 minutes a game or higher, he'll be rewarded with an additional $100,000.

Meeks was supposed to back up Kobe Bryant. Instead, Meeks has played 31.6 minutes and averaged 13.6 points a game.

While Bryant will eventually return from a knee injury, Meeks is on pace to earn $1.65 million if he can stay healthy for 70 games (unlike almost the entire Lakers backcourt) at 25 minutes or more a night.


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