Jabari Brown says he'll sign a second 10-day contract with Lakers

Rookie guard Jabari Brown, who expects to sign a second 10-day contract, has averaged 7.0 points in four games

Rookie guard Jabari Brown's 10-day contract expired after the Lakers' 80-73 loss to the Utah Jazz on Thursday night.

After the game, Brown said he spoke to General Manager Mitch Kupchak, and that he'll sign a second 10-day contract on Saturday.

Waiting the extra day, instead of inking Brown on Friday, will make the Missouri scorer available for the Lakers' visit to the Philadelphia 76ers on March 30.

Brown said he'll be at practice on Friday, although he won't be able to participate until he signs the following day.

Although Coach Byron Scott didn't confirm that Brown would return, he did say he expects it.

"Mitch and I will talk about it, but I anticipate he'll be back," said Scott.

Brown is eligible to sign one additional 10-day contract at $29,843.  Once that expires, the Lakers will need to either sign him for the remainder of the season or let him go as a free agent.

Through four appearances with the team, Brown is averaging 7.0 points while shooting 57.9% from the field.

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