Byron Scott: Lakers fans hail the new coach on social media

New Lakers Coach Byron Scott speaks during Tuesday's news conference.

Byron Scott gave his first news conference as Lakers head coach Tuesday, to the excitement of many fans on Twitter.

Chris Manning tweeted: "Happy to see Byron Scott joining the Lakers as their new head coach. Finally someone with some purple and yellow in his blood."


The Lakers officially hired Scott on Monday, signing him to a $17-million, four-year contract with a team option for the fourth year.

Scott played at Inglewood Morningside High and then for 11 seasons with the Lakers, where he was part of the 1985, 1987 and 1988 championships.


A chorus of social-media users, eager to see the Lakers move past a 27-55 season and a last-place finish in the Pacific division, joined Manning in heralding the homecoming.

David Walters tweeted: "Magic, Kareem, and Wilkes all at Byron Scott's press conference. Why didn't we hire him 3 years ago? #LakersFamily"

The Lakers' official Twitter account carried a photo of Scott's steely stare and emphasized the coach's Los Angeles roots: "OFFICIAL: Inglewood native Byron Scott named 25th head coach of the Lakers."

Barry Bowles reposted the photo on Instagram, saying, "The Lakers brass got it right this time. Happy to have Byron Scott as the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers!"

During his news conference, Scott spoke about the importance of revamping the Lakers' defense, a welcome proposition to fans who watched one of the league's worst defenses last season.

Ndeye D. tweeted: "Byron Scott: 'Better be ready to play some defense' -- smartest thing said by a Lakers coach in years."

In addition to hope for the upcoming season, fans wrote about their anticipation of the Lakers' long-term progress.

Steve Tunks tweeted: "Byron Scott represents the first coach since Phil Jackson the Lakers can build around. Now begins the slow climb back to the top."

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