Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison

AUTO RACING Feb. 18, 1979: Daytona 500 NASCAR made its move from Southeastern sport into the most popular form of American auto racing during a dramatic finish -- and ensuing brawl -- at the Daytona 500. On the last lap, Cale Yarborough (right) and Donnie Allison (swinging helmet) raced side by side for the lead down the backstretch and hit each other, both slamming into the outside wall and out of contention. Richard Petty, more than a mile behind, raced past the wreckage to win. Allison's brother, Bobby (grabbing Yarborough's foot), stopped at the crash scene and began trading punches with Yarborough. "That's the race that turned this whole sport around," Yarborough, a longtime television commentator, would say.
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