MLB: Barry Bonds says he quit too soon

On the 10th anniversary of breaking baseball’s all-time home run record, Barry Bonds said Monday that he wishes he had played one more season and believes he would have hit 800 homers or come very close. He said it “stung” to walk away after topping Hank Aaron’s mark in 2007 while playing for San Francisco.

The 53-year-old Bonds, who now works for the Giants and was at AT&T Park on Monday night, finished with 762 home runs and won seven National League MVP awards, but ended his career under the cloud of steroid allegations.

He told the Associated Press he didn’t push to return in 2008 because “I was just told I’m not coming back and that was it.”


St. Louis activated center fielder Dexter Fowler, who’d missed two weeks with a forearm strain, and demoted struggling outfielder Stephen Piscotty to triple A.

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