Jenna Fischer

The following are the choices and responses given by celebrities in the 20th annual Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. Out of the 100 famous people chosen, 49 will be waving their 'terrible towels' for the Pittsburgh Steelers, while 48 picked the Arizona Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIII. A few were 'on the fence, with Dennis Miller even predicting that Barack Obama would win. We chose a few to spotlight. JENNA FISCHER, Pam Beesly on "The Office": Arizona, 27-24. Pam is rooting for Pittsburgh since she is from Scranton, but I'm rooting for Arizona since they used to play for my hometown of St. Louis. It's a little tense around here. Luckily, Pam is so focused on getting ready for the post- Super Bowl show she can't come to my party. Otherwise we might have had a real fight on our hands.
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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