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MTV VMAs 2015: Five reasons it was all a mess

Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects Architect Zaha Hadid said: “Our Olympic Village masterplan opens Hunters Point to a rapidly changing future between Newtown Creek and the East River. Here, a constellation of towers dramatically presents an Olympic icon to Queens, Brooklyn, and across to Manhattan, while ensuring that both today’s and tomorrow’s local residents enjoy the spectacular views of Midtown and Lower Manhattan that only an open Hunters Point can offer. These features establish enduring principles in a plan which offers flexibility through the design process, with the strength of the towers balancing an openness to changing patterns of activity on an expansive horizontal plane. The differentiated waterfronts give rise to a new local scale drawn across the village through a sequence of more intimate pockets cut into the ground form, giving rhythm and texture to the public ground.” Courtesy: NYC2012