Ski cross finalists

Gold medalist Jean Frederic Chapuis (green) leads the pack in the ski cross final on Thursday at the Sochi Olympics. (Al Bello / Getty Images / February 20, 2014)

SOCHI, Russia -- The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed appeals from Canada and Slovenia regarding the legality of the suits worn by the three French athletes who swept the medals in men's ski cross.

CAS heard the appeals in the early morning hours and issued a one-paragraph ruling on Sunday afternoon. It said that additional details would follow.

The respective sports organizations alleged that just before the four-man final that "French support staff changed the shaping of the lower-leg suits of the riders, creating an aerodynamic effect."

A protest was lodged with the International Ski Federation (FIS) but the FIS competition jury said that the protest was not filed on time after the race.

France's Jean Frederic Chapuis won the gold, Arnaud Bovolenta took the silver and Jonathan Midol got the bronze while Brady Leman of Canada was fourth in the final on Thursday.