Sorry Chargers, fans owe nothing to their NFL teams

San Diego official suggests fans support team despite poor play, but Jerry throws a flag and offers his NFL picks

Do fans owe their support to teams?

It's a question frequently debated on great sports talk shows (such as, oh I don't know, say The Beat of Sports, hosted by Marc Daniels from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays on 740 the Game).

Bill Johnston thinks so.

Who's Bill Johnston? Glad you asked. He is listed as the director of public relations on the San Diego Chargers website ( And earlier this week he posted a blog there that began like this:

"What's with you people?

Yes, Monday night's loss was bad. Horrible. Embarrassing.

OK . . . enough already. No mas. I get it.

Now get over it."

And after a lot of chastising of the Charger fan base, he suggests: "Time to take a chill pill."

Seriously, Bill? A chill pill? First of all, the '70s called and want their colloquialism back. More important, who do you think you are? Is this really your definition of "public relations"? Perhaps your title should be "director of public antagonism."

By the way, when I looked, there were 403 comments posted. I looked at maybe a hundred without finding one that agreed with Bill.

For the record, it is my belief that fans owe a team nothing. A fan may choose to adore and support a team, which is fine. But the fan has no obligation. Teams are in the entertainment business. It is their job to entertain. And when they fail to entertain, they fail period.

What do you think? Who should chill, you, me or Bill?

Fab Five Football Picks

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Jacksonville (1-5) at Green Bay (4-3) — Packers favored by 15

The Packers are pranksters. Receiver James Jones left practice to discover the wheels were gone from his truck thanks to fellow receiver Greg Jennings. Probably a smart idea for Jennings to take a cab now. Fantasy fans, start all your Packers. If you got the Packer punter, start him. No, wait, he probably won't get in the game.

Jerry says: Packer Pranksters by 38.

Miami (3-3) at East Rutherford Jets (3-4) — Jets favored by 2

No joke here. An 11-year-old fan wrote the commish, suggesting officials throw pink flags to honor cancer awareness and it will happen Sunday during this game. As for the game, here's Jets Interim Coach Rex Ryan: "We can go toe-to-toe with anybody. Maybe the rest of the world will have more confidence in us now." Only problem, Rexy, is that you said it after another loss.