Steve Spurrier is right, Tide could roll NFL teams

Jerry says Alabama could beat the Jaguars, offers his weekly NFL picks

South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier recently got criticized for comments made on a radio show, but one of the great things about Spurrier is that he could not care less if you or I disagree with him. And in this case, despite what you think, he's right.

Spurrier: "Alabama, gosh, they look like they could beat a couple of those NFL teams that I've watched on Sundays. I think a lot of the odds makers out there that usually know what's going on, I'd guess [they would have] Alabama favored by a little bit."

One odds maker took the challenge and said it would favor the Jacksonville Jags by 24 over the 2012 Crimson Tide.

Play that game. Give me 'Bama and 24, and I'm wagering my house. I'd take 'Bama and 24 over a lot of small countries, much less the pathetic Jags.

This topic gives me a chance to mention the Chicago All-Star Game, which apparently all of you have forgotten though it was played 42 times and as recently as 1976. It pitted college all-stars against the defending NFL champs. And the college kids posted a 9-32-1 record, far better than you would think.

Yes, it was a preseason game, but it also involved the NFL champs who did not want to lose to punk kids at any time of the year. The last collegiate victory was in 1963 when the kids beat Vince Lombardi's Packers 20-17. You think Lombardi was OK with that?

In that last game in '76, the NFL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers were facing one of their own as the collegiate QB was Steeler draftee and future UCF Coach Mike Kruczek. The Steelers were winning easily in the third quarter when the game was delayed due to bad weather. Many fans were in a foul mood and stormed the field to tear down the goal posts. The game was called off and never played again -- presumably much to the relief of future NFL champs.

So assume that a great college team can't beat even a bad NFL team, but you are wrong. That NFL team may have more talent but have weak motivation and rotten coaching. Give me the 'Bama winning spirit and terrific coaches, while you take the Cowboys' management by Jerry Jones and their idiotic coaching staff. I'll beat you more often than not.

Fab five football picks

Last week: It was as if I was 'Bama against the Jags, posting a 10-4 mark straight up (72-46 for season) and a solid 9-5 against the spread (51-66-1 for season after my first winning week). Who wants some?

Miami (4-3) at Indianapolis (4-3) — Fish favored by 2.5

Did you realize that the 3-game winning streak by the Fish is the best in the AFC? Fact. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck's stats are unimpressive (8 TDs, 8 picks, 74.6 passer rating) but he led his club to late wins over (admittedly awful) Cleveland and Tennessee. Is Luck a TWT (Tebow With Talent)?

Jerry says: In a Lucky-Luck Upset Special, Colts by 1.

Detroit (3-4) at Jacksonville (1-6) — Lions favored by 4

Some folks were surprised that the Gags would trade WR Mike Thomas to the Lions just days before the teams met. Wouldn't Thomas give away all the Gags' secrets? No worries. Gags don't have any secrets. Bada bing. Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week and try the veal. -- The game? Seriously?

Jerry says: Lions by 16 or 'Bama by 25.

Tampa Bay (3-4) at Oakland (3-4) — Raiders favored by 1.5

If you are a Yuc fan and feel compelled to watch, I've got a great drinking game for you. You take a drink every time Tampa K Michael Koenen has a touchback. Why? Because he has set an NFL record with 21 straight. The best kind of drinking game is when you always have to drink. Also best way to watch the Yucs.

Jerry says: In a I'll-Drink-To-That Upset Special, Yucs by 8.

Arizona (4-4) at Green Bay (5-3) — Pack favored by 11