Watch Clippers guard Patrick Beverley's mom win big on 'The Price Is Right'

The Clippers didn't make the NBA playoffs. And even if they had, guard Patrick Beverley would not have played because of the season-ending knee surgery he had in November.

Even so, Beverley tweeted Wednesday that he was "hyped like it was a playoff game!!!"


That's because his mother, Lisa Beverley, won big on that day's episode of "The Price Is Right."

How big? She won two cars, a six-night trip to Madagascar and cash — a haul with a value of around $41,000.

Wearing a red "NBA mom" T-shirt featuring the Clippers logo, Lisa Beverley claimed her first car by winning the dice game Let 'Em Roll.

Later, her spin on the giant wheel landed on $1, which earned her a spot in the Showcase Showdown as well as a $1,000 bonus.

(We're going to ignore the dude who face-planted off to the right — pretty sure he doesn't have a kid who plays in the NBA.)

Finally, she secured the trip and second car by dominating in the final round.

Her winnings were so impressive that even her NBA-player son was envious.

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