Clippers reveal new Nike uniforms, with two more colors on the way

The NBA offseason is objectively the hardest part of the year for any self respecting basketball fan. Sure, the trade rumors are exciting. And cereal-themed Photoshop battles between team social media accounts are pretty cool. But we all know nothing beats coming home to a full slate of NBA games on national TV.

Unfortunately, national TV showdowns are still 67 days away.

Fortunately, though, we’re at the start of Nike’s eight year on-court apparel licensing agreement with the NBA, giving us the chance to quell our separation anxiety by dressing up as the NBA’s fashion police.

Over the past few weeks, teams have been premiering their new digs via social media. Today is the Los Angeles Clippers’ turn, as they released their first two of four colorways.

Here’s the first official look.

The Clips went with a cleaner, simplified look compared to their previous uniform, opting to eliminate the colored trimming, as well as the lines directly below the team name on the front of the jersey.

The shorts feature an asymmetrical trimming, with blue and red on the white shorts, while the blue shorts are trimmed with white and red.

Though hidden from view when tucked in, the bottom left hand side of each jersey features a series of nautical flags that combine to say “Clipper Nation,” and ode to the team’s nautical heritage.

Team sources also confirmed that the uniforms will eventually include a sponsorship decal, noting that the team is deep in negotiations with multiple potential sponsors.

Though the new jersey’s aren’t as attention grabbing as the Indiana Pacers’ new circular logo, or the bold, upper torso stripe from the Minnesota Timberwolves, they’re an upgrade from the previous iteration, which notably flopped when released a couple of seasons ago.

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