Watch Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw try to score goal with amazing header

Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw head-butts the puck into the net against Ducks, but goal does not count

Andrew Shaw tried to channel his inner Lionel Messi for the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night, but the NHL rulebook ultimately wouldn't allow it.

During the second overtime of the Blackhawks' 3-2 win over the Ducks at Honda Center, Shaw head-butted the puck into the net, causing everyone in the Blackhawks and the rest of hockeydom to believe they had just witnessed arguably the greatest winning playoff goal ever scored.

Despite Shaw's exuberance, it was clear on replay it wouldn't be allowed.

The NHL rulebook states players cannot purposely try to redirect the puck with their bodies when attempting to score. Typically, this rule applies to players trying to kick or bank in the puck off their skates. However, Shaw made a clear forward motion with his head when he directed the puck past Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen.

It's unfortunate that one of the greatest goals ever scored really wasn't a goal, but at least Shaw made an effort worthy of a double overtime playoff game. Perhaps a small change to the NHL rulebook is in order.

Marcus Kruger scored the winning goal in triple overtime for the Blackhawks, who tied the best-of-seven playoff series, 1-1.

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