Angry Bill Belichick makes entire offense, including coaches, run a lap

Bill Belichick, unhappy with Patriots' offense, makes players and coaches run penalty lap during minicamp

Bill Belichick doesn't care if it's only mid-June.

He doesn't care if he's coaching a bunch of guys who just won the Super Bowl in February.

If you're playing for Belichick, you do your very best to please him.

That did not happen during minicamp on Wednesday. So everyone on offense had to run a penalty lap around the field, according to ESPN.

That's everyone, including the assistant coaches.

"If you had nothing to do with that in the huddle, it doesn't matter. Everybody runs," wide reciever Brian Tyms said.

Apparently Belichick has been trying to create gamelike pressure during this week's minicamp, by blaring loud music and quickening the pace, to make sure everyone can keep up and stay on the same page.

When that didn't happen on Wednesday, Belichick ripped into his offense before sending the whole group running.

"It was a miscommunication and you have to move fast because that's our offense -- fast-paced," Tyms said. "You're trying to pick up the pace so the defense can't see what we're doing. We didn't move fast enough and we have to be able to communicate in even the harshest of situations; when everybody is dead tired and has nothing left, you still have to be able to communicate with each other and execute."

Tyms added that he thought Belichick's message came through loud and clear.

"Whatever we just did, don't do it again," he said.


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