Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan plays the blame game after loss to Duke

Wisconsin's Bo Ryan targets officiating, 'rent-a-players' in comments following loss in NCAA championship game

Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan doesn't like the way the national championship game was played Monday night.

At least he doesn't like the way the other guys played. And following his team's 68-65 loss to Duke, Ryan didn't sound too happy with the officials for letting the Blue Devils play that way.

"It was just a situation where you just have to be able to handle all the hands and the checking," Ryan told Tracy Wolfson during CBS' broadcast of the game. "All the body contact -- there was more body contact in this game than in any game we've played all year, and I just feel sorry for my guys that all of a sudden a game was like that. I think they're struggling with that a little bit.

"We missed some opportunities. They hit some tough shots. You know, it's just a shame it had to be played that way."

Well, maybe the officials were just letting boys be boys. After all, as Ryan reminded us during his postgame news conference, Duke played with freshmen stars such as Jahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones, who are expected to bolt for the NBA.

Meanwhile, Ryan's team was full of seniors, including Naismith College Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky, Traevon Jackson, Duje Dukan and Josh Gasser, with the last two being fifth-year players.

"We don't do a rent-a-player. You know what I mean?" Ryan said. "Try to take a fifth-year guy. That's OK. If other people do that, that's OK. I like trying to build from within. It's just the way I am."

Wow, with everything they apparently had going against them, it's hard to believe Ryan's Badgers even made it to the championship game.

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