Watch ESPN's Bob Ley rip up FIFA's Congress agenda on the air

ESPN anchor Bob Ley makes a point by tearing FIFA's Congress agenda in half during a broadcast Friday morning

Bob Ley ripped into FIFA -- literally -- on Friday morning during ESPN's coverage of the presidential election for soccer's global governing body.

The Emmy-winning anchor of "Outside the Lines" and "SportsCenter" made a statement by ripping up a paper copy of the agenda provided by FIFA for its annual Congress on Friday, claiming the organization was "making it up as they go along."

"Only FIFA could do this," Ley said, suggesting that the governing body was not sticking to its own agenda as a way to somehow manipulate or influence the presidential election taking place during the session.

Current FIFA President Sepp Blatter is running against reformist challenger Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan just days after 14 people, the majority of them current or former FIFA officials, were indicted on bribery and corruption charges. 

"For those who say it is base canard and unfair that FIFA makes it up as they go along," Ley said, "[FIFA is] making it up" -- slight pause as he tears the agenda in half -- "as they go along right in front of our face."

Ley added: "They're bouncing around the agenda. Makes you wonder what's going on."

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