Watch some guy named Bobby Ramos troll LeBron James and the Heat

Reporter (if you can call him that) asks dumbest questions (if you can call them that) after NBA Finals Game 3

Few can massage a phrase as Bobby can.

The above sentence comes from the online bio page of a guy named Bobby Ramos.

Not sure who uttered those words in praise of Ramos' verbal skills, but it probably wasn't Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade or their coach, Eric Spoelstra -- or really anyone who had to sit through Ramos' long, rambling and very leading questions during the postgame news conference Tuesday following Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Ramos identifies himself as a representative of Bottomline, some sort of entity of which he's the CEO and founder (again according to his bio page, which actually identifies the enterprise as Bottomline!!!, LLC. -- but three exclamation points seemed a bit gratuitous).

Somehow Ramos was allowed to ask two questions (if you can even call them that) Tuesday night, one to James and Wade -- who appeared together -- and the other to Spoelstra. Considering their team had just gotten routed by the San Antonio Spurs to fall behind, 2-1, in the series, all three of them handled themselves quite well.

James and Wade sat in stunned silence for several seconds before James finally laughed in disbelief and deferred to Wade, who gave a vague response that was probably way better than the question deserved.

Spoelstra was the only one who really answered Ramos' question and he did so with one word -- 71 fewer than Ramos used in posing the query.

Ramos' bio page says he is or has been the host of numerous talk radio shows, claiming "Bobby's intellectual, insightful questions and retorts rally towards spontaneous and dynamic forays into ubiquitous conversations that have been applauded by listeners and guests alike."

Well, after Tuesday night, that sentence is going to have to be massaged a bit.

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