MLB suspends Orioles' Brian Matusz eight games for substance on arm

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz is suspended eight games for having 'foreign substance' on arm

In less than a week, two pitchers have gotten caught by the long arm of Major League Baseball law.

The latest suspension was handed down Monday to Baltimore Orioles reliever Brian Matusz, who was issued an eight-game ban for having a "foreign substance" on his right forearm during Saturday's 13-inning loss to the Miami Marlins. Matusz and the Orioles have not said exactly what was found on the 28-year-old southpaw's arm.

Matusz was ejected in the 12th inning after umpire Paul Emmel found a sticky substance on Matusz's arm. Emmel made the decision after Marlins Manager Dan Jennings addressed the issue with home plate umpire Jordan Baker.

"I went out there and told the pitcher I was going to touch his right forearm," Emmel said. "That's where he was touching before he went to the ball. I detected a foreign substance, so the pitcher was ejected."

The Orioles said Matusz is appealing the decision, meaning he'll be able to pitch until a ruling on the appeal is made.

Milwaukee Brewers reliever Will Smith was ejected Thursday for having a mixture of rosin and sunscreen on his non-throwing arm in a loss to the Atlanta Braves. Smith is also appealing his eight-game suspension.

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