Watch mountain biker Cam Zink set record for longest back-flip jump

Cam Zink admitted to being scared before his big jump. For months.

"Just so much nerves and suppressing them," he said. "Like putting them in a bottle."

The professional mountain biker turned those jitters into a world record on Thursday, executing a 100-foot dirt-to-dirt back-flip at Mammoth Mountain.

"This is like a dream," he said. "It was the smoothest landing I've ever had."

Racing down the mountainside, Zink hit 46 mph as he launched himself off a 15-foot-high incline, flipped slowly through the air and landed on a 25-foot-high landing ramp. His official distance was 100 feet, 3 inches.

The jump broke the previous record of 78 feet, which Zink also held. During practices, he set another record for the longest straight air dirt-to-dirt jump, flying 119 feet, 9 inches.