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Do you consider Chris Paul's criticism of female referee sexist?

Clippers point guard Chris Paul criticized female official Lauren Holtkamp after a blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night.

"We're trying to get the ball out fast every time down the court and when we did that she said, 'Uh-uh,' and I said, 'Why uh-uh?' and she gave me a tech and that's ridiculous," Paul said. "If that's the case, then this might not be for her."

Some people are interpreting that last sentence to mean the NBA gig might not be for Holtkamp because she's a woman.

Others feel Paul's comments were strictly out of frustration from receiving what he felt to be an unwarranted technical foul and that he would have made them no matter what gender the official was.

Holtkamp is in her first full season as an NBA referee and is one of two active female officials.

Do you think Paul's statement about Holtkamp was sexist? Vote in our poll and let us know.

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