Poll: Which Clippers logo design would you have picked?

Some Clippers fans were not happy with the team's new logo, so we challenged them to create their own.

Check out the submissions, and vote for your favorite design.

Fan submission No. 1:


Credit: Nes Hernandez

Fan submission No. 2:


Credit: Devin Brooks

Fan submission No. 3:


Credit: Laura Lopez

Fan submission No. 4:


Credit: Sean MacQueen

Fan submission No. 5:


Credit: Luke Gordon

Fan submission No. 6:


Credit: Chris Nelson

Fan submission No. 7:

Fan submission No. 8:

Fan submission No. 9:

And here's one late submission from a fan that came in after voting started:


Credit: Chris Cerros

Times designer Allison Hong's submissions:

And, of course, the actual new logo itself:


The Clippers released their new logo Thursday, handing out T-shirts at 32 locations around Southern California.

To rally excitement around the new look, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer gave away cupcakes at Sprinkles in downtown Los Angeles, and Coach Doc Rivers made an appearance at Pink's Hot Dogs, personally greeting the estimated 1,000 fans there.

Ballmer acknowledged Thursday that some fans were not happy with the design, but he said that the team's true fans will embrace it.

"Change is always hard on some people .... But the truth is people get through change," Ballmer said Thursday morning. "If you love the Clippers, you'll love the new Clipper logo."

Ballmer, who bought the team in August for $2 billion, said one of the first things he wanted to do when he took over the team was change the Clippers' logo.

"The No. 1 feedback I got from fans was change, change. You've got to tell people it's time for change," Ballmer said. "Change the name, change the logo. Change, change, change."

He opted against changing the team's name, but decided to give the Clippers a fresh look.

"I decided I didn't want to change the name because I thought the name Clippers had come to represent a team that battled, people that battled through adversity," Ballmer said.

Here's how Ballmer described the Clippers' new logo:

"You get the sea of Clippers wrapping around and embracing L.A., probably really important for me as a Seattle guy to make sure people know we love L.A. and we're here for the long run," he said. "You get the nautical theme, the ocean, harkening back the Clippers and where we came from. You have silver around every one of the letters, the silver lining in the Clipper cloud as we look to tomorrow and the bright future that we hold. And we put black in as another color because I think most people think black is a hip, modern color."