Clippers CEO: Doc Rivers could quit if Donald Sterling remains owner

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers could quit if Donald Sterling remains owner, Clippers interim CEO testifies

Doc Rivers could quit as Clippers coach and president if Donald Sterling remains the team's owner, Clippers interim Chief executive Dick Parsons testified in court Tuesday.

“If Mr. Sterling continues to own the team, [Rivers] doesn’t want to continue as coach,” Parsons said.

As the trial in Los Angeles Superior Court that could determine the fate of Steve Ballmer’s $2-billion purchase of the Clippers continued, Parsons expressed concern about the future of Rivers and Clippers players.

Since NBA Commissioner Adam Silver appointed Parsons in May, he has discussed the matter with Rivers on three occasions.

“If Doc were to leave, that would be a disaster,” Parsons said.

Parson also raised the possibility that Clippers players could boycott games next season if Sterling maintained ownership.

“I’ve talked to a number of players who are genuinely concerned about what to do,” Parsons said.

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