More trouble for the Dallas Cowboys' Joseph Randle

Dallas Cowboys' Joseph Randle arrested in Kansas for alleged marijuana possession

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was issued a "notice to appear" in court in Kansas Tuesday after Wichita police said they found marijuana in a motel room rented in his name. 

Lt. James Espinoza told The Times that Randle had been arrested. Questions arose about the terminology since Randle was not booked after the incident. In response, Wichita police tweeted that a "notice to appear" is "technically an arrest and an arrest report is filled out but the person isn't booked into jail."

This marks the second time in less than four months Randle, 23, has run into trouble with the law. 

In the incident Tuesday, NBC Sports reported that officers had been called to the motel after a report of domestic violence.

Police declined to give details of the incident to The Times over the phone and said their attempts to fax the report had failed. 

Randle previously was arrested in October on suspicion of shoplifting from a Dillard's in Frisco, Texas. In that incident, he allegedly stole cologne valued at $80 and underwear valued at $40, according to authorities.

The Cowboys did not return calls for comment. 

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