Dennis Rodman

Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman, left, and former NBA players pose with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a gymnasium in Pyongyang on Wednesday. (Korean Central News Agency via AFP/Getty Images)

Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman had a fairly eventful foray into North Korea this week on his "basketball diplomacy" tour.

Rodman first gave a profanity-filled interview to CNN while defending his trip to the hermit kingdom. He then sang "Happy Birthday" to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He later apologized for his on-air CNN rant, saying he was drinking before the interview and that he was under a lot of stress.

But it appears Rodman's trek across the 38th parallel wasn't financed by the North Korean government.

Rodman may call Kim his "friend," but his trip to Pyongyang was paid for by Irish betting company Paddy Power PLC, Rodman's agent, Darren Prince, told the Associated Press.

This contradicts a statement made by NBA Commissioner David Stern, who told CNN this week that North Korean money motivated Rodman's efforts to hold an exhibition game in the country.


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