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Dez Bryant's $55,000 rookie dinner reportedly included $1,300 shots

Want a shot that's 'really, really, really smooth?' Just come up with $1,300 -- or ask Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant sure could have used some of that Louis XIII Rare Cask going around the Pappa Bros. Steakhouse that night back in 2010.

Probably couldn't afford it, though, since he was the one footing the bill for several teammates, none of whom seemed to have a problem letting the then-rookie pay for their $1,300 shots and much, much more.

That's how former Dallas Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley remembers the now-infamous meal that Bryant said last week set him back $55,000.

"We were ordering $90 Kobe beef steaks. I ordered two of those. I took one home and had steak and eggs for breakfast," said Holley, who added that he remembers several rookies, not just Bryant, covering the tab.

"Guys had lobster for appetizers. It got carried away. I'm not going to say who did it, but a couple older guys were ordering magnum bottles of Cristal and pouring it in flowerpots. A lot of guys got like king-size lobsters that were $120. We were ordering stuff like that for appetizers. It was an all-out feast."

And then there was the Louis XIII Rare Creek shots, which Holley said came out it in a mechanical case and were served in white gloves.

"I think everybody got some," Holley said of the ridiculously priced cognac. "I'm not a drinker, but when they said it was $1,300 a shot, I said I'm not missing this opportunity to say I drank something that cost $1,300. It was really, really, really smooth and you don't need much of it to hit you." 

I think it's pretty safe to say that rookie hazing has gotten out of hand when a receiver who had yet to make a catch in the NFL, was out of the league within a year and doesn't even drink is ordering $1.3K shots.


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