Ducks' Sami Vatanen gets maximum fine for hit on Toronto's David Booth

Ducks' Sami Vatanen hit with maximum fine of $3,393.82 for hit on Toronto's David Booth

Ducks defenseman Sami Vatanen said he never saw Toronto Maple Leafs forward David Booth skating toward him during the third period of the Ducks’ 4-0 victory.

The NHL saw the encounter quite differently.

The league on Thursday announced that Vatanen has been slapped with a $3,393.82 maximum fine for throwing an elbow at Booth that left the player woozy and requiring assistance off the ice.

An argument could be made that Booth intended to deliver a major hit on Vatanen. The defenseman instead averted pain, subjecting Booth to discomfort.

“I didn’t see the play, I was going toward the puck pretty deep and the guy [Booth] followed behind me,” Vatanen said after the game. “I didn’t see that.”

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