Watch ESPN's Hannah Storm push away makeup artist on live TV

ESPN's Hannah Storm shoves away makeup artist after realizing she's back on live broadcast

It's not easy working in live television, even for makeup artists.

During a live SportsCenter segment Saturday night, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm quickly pushed away a makeup artist working on her when she realized she was back on camera.

After a brief moment looking flustered, Storm regained her composure and started talking about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers without missing a beat.

Storm offered an explanation on Twitter for her on-air reaction: "The makeup artist (a good friend of mine) would have gotten in major trouble had she been seen on air. Hence, the stiff arm to protect her."

Live television is often a well-choreographed display, but things sometimes don't work out as planned. Storm probably handled the situation as well as she could considering the circumstances.

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