Report: Everett Golson can't play for teams Notre Dame faces in 2015

Notre Dame won't release QB Everett Golson to teams it plays in 2015, according to a Fox Sports report

Everett Golson is leaving Notre Dame with a year of NCAA eligibility remaining. And he will be doing so as a graduate transfer, meaning the quarterback won't have to sit out a year before playing for his new school.

But that doesn't mean he can play for just any school in the fall. In fact, his options might be rather limited.

According to a Fox Sports report from this weekend, Notre Dame will not release Golson to any of the teams it will play next season. That would rule out Texas, rumored to be one of Golson's top choices, as well as Virginia, Georgia Tech, Massachusetts, Clemson, Navy, USC, Temple, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Boston College and Stanford.

In addition, the report says, the Fighting Irish intend to block Golson from transferring to some Big Ten teams.

And then there's the SEC, which has a rule that prohibits the transfer of athletes with less than two years of eligibility remaining if they have been subject to disciplinary action by university or athletics department.

That could prevent Golson from going to two other schools he's said to be considering, Georgia and LSU, since he was suspended for the 2013 fall semester for what he described as using "poor judgment on a test."

Suddenly it appears as if there are a lot of restrictions on a player who seemed to have the freedom to go anywhere he wanted a week ago. Now it looks like Golson only has 90 or so FBS schools to choose from — poor guy.

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